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At Leveling UP Consulting, we understand the inherent challenges which often time, suppress personal and professional development.  Our approaches are well rooted in the discipline of psychology, and have been refined over the last few decades.  Leveling UP Consulting is uniquely positioned in the market place, to provide customizable consultation to our diverse client base.  Leveling UP Consulting's effective strategies encompasses excellent listening skills, personable consultation, highly refined analytical abilities, superb responsiveness, unique goal setting techniques, and sound training approaches; resulting in intentional and measureable success for individuals, groups, or organizations. 

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Classic Program for Individual Development

Total Focus  Workshop

The Results Program

Corporate Plus Suite

Bit Sized Trainings

Your Company Trainer

Diversity and Inclusion Training

The Classic Program

The Classic Program is designed for the person whom is seeking one to one personal/professional development. There is less of a focus upon the final outcome and more attention is given to empowering the individual. This is a 12-month program in which goals are outlined and there are monthly consultations, to provide clarity, guidance, and support, as the individual journeys to a new destination in their life. The individual goals can be related to weight loss, employment, upward mobility, relocation, retirement, skillset evaluation and transferability, etc. The Classic Program is fully customizable, with the client setting their own goals, as we partner together to work towards goal attainment.

Total Focus

The Total Focus Workshop consists of 2 half day sessions, which are delivered to groups as a call to action. The primary focus of the workshops teaches the attendees how to extinguish procrastination, and to engage in self-analysis, and mind mastery; to support personal and organizational improvement.

The attendees are equipped with above the crowd thinking strategies, an effective planning process, and emotional management techniques; all geared to support a challenge of change and empowerment, which results in profound change, over a 90-day period.

Audiences inclusive of major corporations, small business, government entities, community organizations, unaffiliated audiences, and event teenagers; have found the Total Focus Workshops, to be inspirational and defining points in their lives.

The Results Program

With the Results Program, strategy, empowerment, and results are the three pivotal elements to best describe this program. These elements are integrated within the training platform, and illustrated in the work actions of the attendees, which provide outcomes which are not only profound, but measurable as well. Organizations have experienced significant productivity boosts, once participating in the Results Program.

Imagine how your organization may shatter your current goals, if your staff were to significantly improve their productivity, which is attainable, with the Results Program.

The Results Program is a 13-month program, in which the consultant meets with the staff for 90-150 minutes each month, with everyone being tuned in to the overarching theme of the company.

Empowerment efforts are undertaken to create the work climate which is conducive to success. Everyone is armed with their individualistic strategic plan, with all of the various efforts coalescing into a collective rhythm of success, for the organization.

The end results are immediate higher levels of productivity. More emotionally capable workforce who combine, to have your organization or department achieve incessant success and daily accomplishment.

The Results Program is a game changer for any organization serious about taking their organization or department, to the next level of success.

Corporate Plus

Corporate Plus Suite is inclusive of five workshops which are the staples of employee trainings. The workshops are 1 or 2 day events at your premises.

The workshops are inclusive of:

1. Stress Management.

2. Time Management.

3. Leadership Development.

4. Team Building.

5. Consultative Selling.

Research has shown, competencies in these traditional skillsets areas, are critically important to having a highly productive workforce.

Bite Sized Trainings

In many instances, organizations are in need of refining the abilities of their staff, perhaps to arrive at a solution, to a current issue, or some other collective organizational need. In addition, individual staff members are personally interested in attending Bite Sized Workshops, with a desire to enhance certain abilities; perhaps due to increasing employability or some other personal goal.

The Bite Sized Workshops are designed to provide short, sharp, and focused trainings, in order to increase productivity. The Bite Sized Trainings are typically 90-150 minutes per training module, and they can run simultaneously with the Results Program, as well.

The Bite Sized Workshops approach offers greater impact and higher training transference, than other traditional formats, which are currently being offered in the market place.

Bite Sized Training Topics:

1. Employee Engagement.

2. Trust.

3. Lead with Purpose.

4. The First Time Supervisor.

5. Managing Difficult Behavior.

6. 4 Steps to Empowerment.

7. Listening and Assertiveness.

8. The Patterns of People.

9. Follower Readiness.

10. QII Time Management.

11. Leading Sales Meetings.

12. Sales Account Management.

13. 4 Ways to Grow Your Sales.

14. Patterns of People (Sales).

15. 7 Steps to a Winning Team.

16. Making Team Meetings Work.

17. Managing Challenging. Behavior.

18. From Team Member to Leader.

19. Strategic Review and SWOT.

20. Advanced Communication Skills.

Your Company Trainer

The Your Company Trainer offering, saves your company wage costs and program development expenses, as you solicit the services of Leveling UP Consulting to handle your unique and traditional training needs.

The Your Company Trainer program is a 12-month program in which the consultant provides training and consultation in areas identified by the organization.

Also inclusive with the Your Company Trainer program, are the following workshops:

1. Stress Management.

2. Time Management.

3. Leadership Development.

4. Team Building.

5. Consultative Selling.

In addition, the Total Focus Workshops are inclusive as well.

The Your Company Trainer program provides proven pre-written programs, total flexibility around program delivery, and financial savings, with excellent results.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

In today's global market, organizations are focused with gaining a competitive edge; those organizations which are able to effectively quantify and refine their social and human capitals, will bring residual added value to their organization.  An effective diversity and inclusion program should be comprised of three elements, science, organizational functions, and humanistic features.  In many instances organizations fail to design inclusion and exclusion initiatives which are measureable, evolving, coalesce with the organizational goals, and reflective of the organization's internal and external capacities.  Allow Leveling UP Consulting to assist your organization with developing an effective diversity and inclusion initiative; which has object benefit and sustainability.

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